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What makes a loyal app?

We are selective about the apps we acquire, focusing on apps that deliver great user experiences. We are looking for apps in the following categories: Health & Fitness, Photos & Video, Casual Games, News, Sports, and Utilities. We use a proprietary 150-point assessment method that includes a variety of analysis points, such as:

Quality Coding
Unique Positioning
High User Engagements
Strong Retention
Growth Potential
Minutes Per Day, Per User
Apps Acquired
App Downloads
Monthly Active Users
App Downloads
Engagements Per Day, Per User
"Getting my applications acquired through Loyal was much easier and streamlined than I expected.  From due diligence to the legal process, working with their knowledgeable team was a great experience. I am excited to see how they will continue to evolve the Fitivity applications and business."
Guy Pistone, Founder of Fitivity
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