Word Blocks Connect Stacks

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Word Blocks connect stacks is a fun and challenging puzzle game that's easy to play and wildly addictive - just a few minutes a day helps you relax and sharpen your mind!

How many can you solve?

Word Blocks Connect Stacks is both challenging and relaxing to simultaneously stimulate and relax your mind. It's easy to play, incredibly fun, and wildly addictive. Just a few minutes a day will sharpen your mind!

This new take on word puzzle games combines all the best elements of crosswords, word search, anagrams, scrambles, and text twist. Thousands of free puzzles set against beautiful and serene settings. Escape the stress of the real world as you exercise your brain with an endless supply of fun word puzzles.

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Completely free to play.

Puzzles of all different categories.

Thousands of hand crafted puzzles.

Relaxing and inspiring soundtrack adds to the atmosphere and immersion.

Daily gifts reward hints and coins.

Free updates with added themes, puzzles, music, words, and more!