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The most advanced breaking news app covering live stories and updates from around the world. Access rss feeds and video clips from top news outlets right on your phone.

Our proprietary engine scans the top news sources out there, including the BBC, AFP, Reuters, CNN, AP and dozens of other news outlets and delivers a clean and easily digestible live news feed.

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See all the different sources that covered a story it with a simple tap.

Global News

Free news from all across the globe including the US and North America, South America, Africa, Middle East, Iraq, Afghanistan, Asia, Australia, Russia, China, India and your world.

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Suggest a feed source for World News through our Source Suggestions function. We want to include your favorite bloggers, video channels, news sites, and podcasts!

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Built-in Read-it-Later - see an interesting story but don't have time to read it? Save it for later!