Zorgion Color by Numbers

Zorgion Has Arrived!
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The official Zorgion coloring book app, including colorable art pages of the multitude of Zorgion characters and concepts and a built in music player.

Zorgion Color by Numbers is the start of the adventure in the addictive battle card game Zorgion. Zen out or zone out as you create brilliantly colored animated cards for Zorgion. Coloring helps build your focus and concentration and provides the peace of mind often associated with meditation.

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Game Cards

74 game cards to color with easy to use color numbers and palettes.


Swords, Knights, Wizards and mystical characters of land, sea and space!


Choose anything from easy to difficult coloring card projects.

Beautiful Pages

High detail art pages that transform into brilliantly colored playing cards.


Built in music player


Learn the amazing powers each card holds