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Most Apps Never Achieve Their Full Potential.

Growth is limited due to:
Inability to keep up with fresh content and new functionality
Lack of marketing and growth expertise
Competitive and privacy pressures

Loyal wants to change this reality. We are building a global app community,  bringing together a portfolio of quality apps and providing the resources needed to succeed.

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At Loyal, we are creating a premier platform as a scaled consolidator of mobile apps. We are acquiring profitable, stable, growing apps, and scaling app revenue.

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Discovery and Diligence

We want to get to know your portfolio of apps. Following an initial review to see if your app(s) meet our minimum qualifications, we will dive deeper to learn more about your app portfolio’s growth potential.

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We believe in fair and transparent deals. Once we agree to terms, we will finalize the acquisition and transfer your business to Loyal.

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Slo Mo Video

Slo Mo Video is a powerful slow-motion & fast-motion video editor for iPhone & iPad. It includes multiple video effects and easy-to-use features. It can slow your videos down, or speed them up as much as you want with just a swipe of your finger.

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Mobile is in our DNA

Drawing on 200+ years of collective experience, our team is comprised of founders, operators, engineers, marketers, and financial experts. Moving quickly, we are leveraging global relationships, offshore mobile development expertise, industry-specific M&A knowledge, and digital advertising mastery to acquire and grow high-quality consumer app portfolios.

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“As we have gotten to know the Loyal team during this process, we have been impressed by their plans and abilities to move our apps forward. We are excited to work with them to drive more success.”

- ITAMAR ROGEL, Co-CEO and Co-founder of Newsfusion

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