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Loyal is a premier platform that consolidates and scales mobile apps.
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What makes a Loyal App?

We are selective about the apps we acquire, focusing on apps that deliver great user experiences. We are looking for apps in the following categories: Health & Fitness, Photos & Video, Casual Games, News, Sports, and Utilities. We use a proprietary 150-point assessment method that includes a variety of analysis points, such as:
Quality Coding
Unique Positioning
High User engagement
Strong User Retention
Growth Potential
Apps Acquired
Daily Users
EngagemeNts Per Day, Per User
Minutes Per Day, Per User
Active Users
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“I have never seen an opportunity like this one – massive and growing, healthy and scaled with strong global partners. Yet with all of those positives, the market is still desperately fragmented and in need of consolidation.”

- Tom Kenney, CEO & Co-Founder

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