May 24, 2021

Loyal Continues Global Growth with Acquisition of Newsfusion Ltd.


CARLSBAD, CA, USA, May 24, 2021 / -- Loyal Foundry ( is quickly building global scale with its acquisition of Israel-based Newsfusion Ltd. ( Loyal’s second acquisition, Newsfusion is a news and sports information aggregation platform with 150 live apps in Apple and Android app stores. The platform, based on human-centered algorithmic curation, is dedicated to helping users find information quickly and efficiently. Both news and sports platforms, spanning dozens of verticals and millions of users, are rapidly growing with more consumers wanting organized information at their fingertips. The pandemic and work from home economy have also accelerated content consumption, making this a timely acquisition.

“It's a fantastic offering.” said Tom Kenney, CEO & Cofounder of Loyal Foundry, while sharing his thoughts on the recent acquisition. “We (Loyal) have now expanded our app portfolio to over 175 live apps globally. We also are picking up great technologies that Itamar (Rogel) and Nati (Berkover), Newsfusion’s cofounders, have been building with their team since 2015.”

“The acquisition by Loyal Foundry has come at a great time and we look forward to greater outreach and expansion of our Newsfusion and Sportsfusion services. As we have gotten to know the Loyal team during this process, we have been impressed by their plans and abilities to move our apps forward. We are excited to work with them to drive more success.” said Itamar Rogel, Co-CEO and Cofounder, Newsfusion.

“Newsfusion’s deep technology stack has proven to be the state of the art when it comes to content relevance. Combined with the scaling experience the Loyal Foundry team brings on board, we are confident that we are about to experience a fundamental growth of our user base.” Said Nati Berkover, Co-CEO and Cofounder, Newsfusion.

The acquisition has grown Loyal’s consumer base and reach across 50 countries with downloads of over 5 million to date. It also provides new capabilities with Newsfusion’s AI-powered content management and app development technologies.

There is a dynamic shift undertaking the mobile advertising marketplaces with both Apple and Google marginalizing and reducing consumer targeting scopes for advertisers. Newsfusion and their dedicated sports unit Sportsfusion, can break this industry trend with their contextual relevance and value-added advertising monetization. The company believes that Newsfusion’s AI-enabled information platform could grow to deliver ten million plus in highly profitable revenues over the next few years.

Newsfusion has been working towards eliminating information overload by giving people innovative news consumption solutions. The AI-powered editing and curation platform provides readers bias-free, prioritized news, removes duplicates, categorizes topics and sends automatic push notifications on virtually any subject across diverse languages. The technology is able to create personalized app experiences for each user based on interests and usage.

“With the huge changes occurring in the mobile advertising marketplace as targeted digital advertising is weakened by the reduction of device advertising ids and cookies, high quality contextually relevant apps will see an increase in value and those publishers will be able to maintain solid monetization.” Kenney added, while talking about the current trends in the industry and the importance of healthy ad monetization of smartphone apps.

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