About Us

Our Mission

To shape the future and advance the growth of the global, mobile app industry through consolidation, scaled operations, and performance optimization.

Founded in 2020, Loyal is the leading global platform of mobile apps, established to consolidate apps in non-gaming verticals and accelerate profitable growth. The mobile app economy has been one of the greatest wealth creators ever and we are taking it to the next level by leveraging strength in numbers.

Committed to delivering high-value, positive user experiences, Loyal acquires profitable, stable, growing businesses and provides the technology, monetization expertise, and human resources to empower its community of apps to drive revenue.

Through our portfolio of apps we engage with hundreds of thousands of monthly active users (MAUs) and growing, our team employs a disciplined, proprietary approach to boost user acquisition, deepen daily engagement and strengthen monetization.

Inspired by an exciting vision for the future of mobile, and powered by insights, technology, and talent, our publishers and developers are delivering more valuable and entertaining consumer experiences than ever before.


Our values are a reflection of the Loyal people and shape the way we serve our community and each other. As the cornerstone of our global culture, commitment to our values empowers us to deliver our best each and every day.


We value both hard work and smart work – commitment and creativity are a dynamic combination!


We know it is essential to have fun while we journey to our destination, both as a team and in our personal lives, so we create the space to promote happiness and laughter.


We operate with kindness, honesty, and transparency because life is too short for anything other than honoring all people with respect, fairness, and integrity – team, and partners alike.


We are motivated, win-win collaborators, excited to be building something new and big, and committed to bringing it to life


‘Essential Apps for an Essential Life’ – this isn’t simply our tagline. It represents our commitment to consolidating and growing only a top-quality app portfolio that brings both utility and enjoyment to consumers around the world underpinned by three core principles:


The global, mobile economy is still in its infancy with global revenues expected to cross the $1 trillion mark by 2025 on the back of 2M app publishers and ~ 6M apps, Android and iOS.

We seek to be the premier platform for both personal utility and casual gaming apps enabling a lucrative growth model for tens of thousands of app publishers.


As the mobile app market has grown, it has become fragmented. Large companies reap most of the rewards while 2+ million small publishers struggle to reach their potential.

We are excited to build a community of top mobile app publishers from around the world, enabling them to achieve their growth goals and continue to create, innovate and succeed.


Consumers spend ~4 hours/day on mobile devices, 90% of which is spent on mobile apps. With ongoing technology advances (e.g. 5G, IoT, XR), there is so much innovation yet to be introduced to the world.

We frequently update our apps with high-quality content, recognizing that value is key to earning consumer trust and deepening engagement.

Our Journey

February 2022

Acquired a collection of apps in categories spanning Health and Fitness, Utilities and Fintech.

December 2021

Three new mobile apps under development in sports, loyalty, casual games categories.

November 2021

Closed $1.772M in angel financing . Supporting initial app portfolio acquisitions and hiring engineers.

October 2021

Expanded Board & Appointed New Directors.

October 2021

Allen Wolff appointed as Chief FInancial Officer and Secretary of the Company.

Q3 2021

Built initial acquisition database. Composed of apps/app portfolios that meet certain requirements for potential acquisition.

April 2021

Loyal acquires Israel based news and sports aggregations app publisher, Newsfusion with 166 apps & 200k MAUs.

Q1 2021

Set up a development center in Chennai, India.

Q3 2020

Loyal acquires Wood Block Brain Puzzle, a game out of the UK to grow their portfolio.

January 2020

Loyal was founded by Tom Kenney and Ray Green.